Sunday, November 13, 2011

In Remembrance of my Father-In-Law; Larry Corder

Today Heaven welcomed home a wonderful man. He was the father of my husband and I have so many things to thank him for. He was a soft-spoken man who made a big impact in so many lives. He served this country in the Vietnam War and after the war he lived his life serving God and helping others. A lot of the good qualities I find in Jason, I know came from him. He and Diana couldn't have children of their own so they adopted Jason and gave him a Godly, loving home to grow up in. My husband didn't plan on being a preacher when he was in high school. But his dad told him that if he would just go to one year of Bible College they would pay for it. He went and, as they say, the rest is history. Jason has been preaching ever since. So not only did Larry help people through his own personal life but also through the ministry of his son. You don't find very many parents who want their children to go into the ministry because as everybody knows, it's not one of the best paying jobs. But he and Diana couldn't have been more proud of Jason as he stood up and received his Bachelor and got his first preaching job.
Larry was a wonderful Grandfather. The only thing I regret about waiting so long to have children, is that he and Diana didn't have longer to be grandparents. They got to enjoy being grandparents for three years with our first daughter Kelsey, and welcomed our second daughter, McKayla, into this world before Diana was taken from us with cancer and Larry had his first stroke. It makes me sad to think of how much our girls will miss by not truly knowing them. Thankfully the girls did get to know Larry, how he was after his stroke, and could still see that he was a sweet loving Grandfather and they came to love him and prayed for him every night. I'm so glad we have Heaven to look forward to and know that we will all be together again free of strokes and cancer. For right now though, we have many happy memories and will carry on the legacy he left behind.