Wednesday, October 8, 2008

One Purpose of My Blog

I was very blessed to be raised in a Christian home and got a very good foundation on which to build my life. That doesn't necessarily make it easier, however, for me to live the kind of Christian life that I ought to. Being a Preacher's wife probably does help in that area as I am surrounded constantly by Christians and have to keep up that "image" that we preacher's wives are supposed to have. That might make it easy to live how I should on the outside but I still struggle on the inside to have the thoughts and attitudes that I know Christ wants me to have. It's too easy to hide what we're truly feeling. This blog is a place for me to show my study on areas in my life that need work and since I need to work on them I figure a lot of other people do also so I hope this will be helpful to others as well. It's very tempting for me to keep this private and to have it as a diary for myself but I feel God is leading me to reach out to others also. So I pray that through my blogging I can help you and you also can offer me advice. I'm taking a chance and opening myself up for others to see a side of me I don't like to show but I've learned that it's not about me!! God Bless and I pray that we can grow together as God continues to mold us into the Christians that we ought to be.

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