Sunday, April 12, 2009

We heard a thump against our window a couple days ago and looked out to find this little critter on our porch. He looked a little stunned so I went out to get him out of the way of my vicious little Jack Russell. He sat in my hand as calm as could be for quite awhile and it was neat to be so close to this beautiful creation. The girls and I marveled over him as long as we could and then the oven timer brought us back to reality. There were things to do so I took him to the tree outside my back door and tried to transfer him to a branch, but I guess he decided it was time for him to fly, so off he went. He stayed in a nearby tree for a little while singing to us like he was saying Thank you and then he took off.


Ang said...

How neat!! Thanks for sharing

Abbi said...

How fun! I remember trying to rescue a beautiful Scarlat Tanager that flew into our window when I was a kid but it ended up dieing. Much nicer when it lives!