Saturday, January 8, 2011

McKayla's 5th Birthday Party

This year we were finally able to do a birthday party for McKayla where she was able to invite her friends. We are normally at Grandma's house for Christmas and so we just did a family party for her. She always enjoyed those but she really wanted one where her friends could come. So we made her party a little later than her birthday so we could be home to celebrate with her friends. The last couple of years she has asked to do a pool party like her sister gets to do for her party in August. It might not be that cold in Louisiana in December but it is too cold to swim outdoors. So I found an indoor pool in Lafayette with the help of some friends and we got it all set up to have it there. All the girls really had a great time. Getting to swim in the middle of the winter really is a treat.

McKayla also asked for a princess cake and I was going to cheat this year and buy one. I found one at Winn Dixie that was exactly what she had asked for but when they told me it would be $50 I just couldn't buy it when I knew I could make one for half that. Plus I really do like to decorate cakes, I just didn't think I would have enough time this year. It's amazing what you can make time for when you really want to. My mom gave me a Wilton's decorator tool box for Christmas so I decided this would be the perfect time to try out my new tools. I scored a cute castle at Walgreens just perfect for the cake and Wal-Mart bakery sold me the princesses to go on top. I made my cakes from scratch but have decided from now on I'm buying cake mixes. They do so much better! I baked the cakes on Thursday afternoon and then Friday I spent about 7 hours decorating. Definitely not a hobby I can do very often. If someone would make my frosting for me it would go so much faster!! I hate making the frosting. I used malted milk balls for the bushes and one of the grandmothers accidentally called them moth balls at the party and one of the little girls said, "No their malted moth balls." :-).

After the swimming party we took McKayla to Chuckie Cheeses. I like to call it UpChuckie Cheeses because I think their pizza is simply horrible. But the girls have so much fun playing all the games and they always choose that for their birthday meal out so we obligingly go. They were very packed, I guess a Saturday night is not a good night to go if you actually want to sit down and eat. My sister Jeanette and her girls came with us so all 8 of us had to squeeze in a table for three. Needless to say we had to eat in shifts. But it worked out because the girls were more interested in playing than eating. So anyway, I think McKayla enjoyed her first official birthday party. She fell asleep on the way home at 6:30 and woke up long enough to get into her pj's and climb into bed. I guess we wore her out. It probably didn't help that she had just gotten over the flu. I'm just glad she was well enough to go to her party.

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Christy said...

Wonderful cake! I'm sure she'll remember it forever!