Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Thank You Note to My Parents

Dear Mom and Dad,

In this crazy world we live in today I see so many different parenting techniques, and although I know yours weren't perfect, because well, nobody's are, you had it right in so many ways.
Thank you for being my parents and not trying to be my friend. Because in so doing you made it possible for us to be friends today, otherwise I might have a lot of regrets in my life that I would've blamed you for.
Thank you for taking me to church and church events religiously. I knew for a fact that God was the most important thing in your life. It also gave me the opportunity to meet other kids my age with parents like mine. It let me know that we weren't alone in this world when all my school friends thought so differently than I did. I made some of my best friends at those events and lived for summer camps where I could spend a whole week with them and relax knowing my Christian beliefs wouldn't be harassed and degraded by my peers.
Thank you for telling me in no uncertain terms that I could not date non-believers. Even if in the eighth grade I had to say no to a boy I had a serious crush on and lost a lot of friends in the process. We were friends with many of the same people, and I was mad at you, but looking back I realize now in making that decision you helped me choose better companions who weren't "fair-weather" friends which made me be a better friend to others. It also protected me from making even bigger mistakes. He had a reputation with past girlfriends and still I was attracted to him, had you consented I would have too.
Thank you for not trusting me with a lot of freedom at a young age and allowing me to hang out with my friends at the mall or movies or parties or dances. I know what went on at some of those and knowing myself, I would have participated.
Thank you for not letting me wear the skimpy clothing I wanted to wear because even though I didn't know (or did I...) you knew what it did to a young man and you knew that it cheapened my body. You saved me from making a lifetime of mistakes because you realized I was just a child who needed to be molded in a good Christian environment before releasing me to test my own convictions.
Thank you for trusting me and believing in me when it was time for me try out my wings and leave the nest. I pray that I will be the same for my children and later down the road I will see them raising their families in the Lord as well. God blessed me abundantly when he gave me to you and I thank Him everyday for the both of you.

With much love and thanks, Michelle

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