Friday, August 14, 2009

In Memory of Opal Guest

I remember the first time I met Opal, she came up the stairs in church with her walker ("sputnik") squeezing her little bicycle horn to get through the crowd with a big goofy grin on her face and I knew I would love her. She truly was a Saint! I remember when we would go to the nursing home on Sunday afternoons and she would come along to visit the "old people". She was what, in her 90's? I really don't remember, I'm horrible with ages. For a special she would whistle one of her favorite hymns. I never used to be able to whistle but when I heard her whistling I wanted to be able to whistle like that when I get to be her age so I started practicing. I'm still not near as good but I can whistle now. Every time I do, I think of her. She always had a big smile on her face and something good to say or some story to tell. I especially loved hearing her stories about when she was a Sunday School teacher. Even though you had to come up several steps in order to get in our church building and then up some more to get to the sanctuary, I never once heard her complain about it. I hope I can be like that when I get to be old. I'm really going to miss dear Opal and I'm really sorry I won't be able to say goodbye to her one last time later on today at her funeral. She truly was a blessing in my life and I'm so glad I got to know her for those few years in Bemidji! It is such a comfort to know that this isn't forever. Some day I will see Opal again and she will be whistling away while walking without her sputnik. Goodbye for now Opal

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Abbi said...

I had forgotten about her going to visit the "old" people! :-) She was older than many of them. She turned 98 this year.