Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kelsey's birthday

I've been a little behind in my blogging lately but I'm trying to catch up. We just celebrated Kelsey's birthday.....okay, it's been a week or two. I really enjoyed decorating her cake this year. Hopefully she doesn't expect better each year. She wanted a Luau theme and thankfully a family in church just happened to have all the decorations I needed and another member had a relative who had a waterslide Fun Jump. So I decided it would be a good year to invite her friends. I don't think I'll do that again.:) Just kidding. I know she had a great time and it's only one day a year. After all, it was her birthday! I did a horrible job taking pictures. Especially when they were playing on the water slide. I completely forgot to take any until I was starting to clean up after everyone left. Now....what to do for McKayla's!


Abbi said...

Looks like you had a crowd! The cake is very cute!

Keren Ruth said...

Michelle! I think you forgot about your blog :)